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      Cyber Insurance

      The Game Changer to Qualify for Cyber Insurance

      MFA is a must-have if you are looking to purchase cyber insurance for your business

      Recent cybersecurity incidents and ransomware attacks have increased, driving companies to apply for cyber insurance. When doing so, companies have been facing one newpre-requisite to come eligible multi-factor authentication protection of your users and assets.

      How to get started when shopping for cyber insurance

      How do you know if you need cyber insurance?

      There are numerous important differences between large and lower companies when it comes to cyber insurance requirements. Lower businesses are more at threat of successfulcyber-attacks than larger bones as they frequently warrant the budget and moxie to apply effective cybersecurity strategies. Large pots are more likely to be targeted in hacks, so. they buy content directly from insurers, and have their own legal, public, relations, and technology moxie. Small and medium-sized companies are decreasingly looking at cyber insurance as another way to alleviate Threat. They generally protect through agencies and generally need outside extremity operation help.

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      Still, make sure to add MFA protection in these crucial areas, If you want to increase your eligibility for cyber insurance.

      • Email access: Emails contain sensitive information, especially now in a world where workers aren’t always in the office. Also, most systems use email to reset passwords, therefore getting the key to penetrating multiple services.
      • Remote Access/VPNs: Remote access to the network is how most hacks get started. Insurers work with threat, so it makes sense that this is a top priority to avoid paying for a breach that could be prevented.
      • Login credentials to servers, firewalls, and other critical devices: Password-only access to a firewall or VPN server, for sample, would allow an attacker to change the VPN configuration to accept password-only credentials. Servers are further than ever accessed remotely by admins and MSPs.
      What does cyber liability cover?
      • Customer Loss
      • Business Disruption
      • Regulatory Fines
      • Legal Costs
      • Public Relations
      • Direct Financial Loss

      Learn more about how MFA can be a game changer when buying cyber insurance.