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      Firewall Appliance

      The Firebox NV5 – A Different Firewall Appliance

      We are pleased to announce the release of a new tabletop firewall appliance. With the release of the Firebox NV5, network administrators can quickly and affordably deploy multiple remote devices or small offices.

      Why a Firebox NV5 firewall?

      The WatchGuard NV5 is the perfect solution for remote applications that require management access or secured traffic. It also works well for connecting small offices to a corporate location to access local resources while offering centralized security and logging solutions for administrators.


      Many customers utilize remote applications or have small satellite offices that can be difficult and costly to secure and manage. MSPs now have a powerful yet affordable solution that is designed to support remote VPN connections back to a corporate virtual or physical Firebox. The NV5 can route traffic back to the corporate security appliance using WatchGuard Branch Office VPN (BOVPN) capabilities to provide the same level of protection as a device sitting at the corporate office. With enterprise-class SD-WAN capabilities, the NV5 is ideal for deployment in remote applications like kiosks, digital signs, ATMs, and office equipment.

      End Users

      Network administrators cannot always leave their offices and need to protect even the smallest office or most remote applications. With the Firebox NV5, IT teams can utilize zero-touch deployment to eliminate much of the labor involved in setting up a Firebox to work in their network ‒ all without having to leave their office. WatchGuard Cloud is a powerful zero-touch deployment and configuration tool that comes standard with the Firebox NV5. Local staff simply connect the device to power and the Internet, and the NV5 automatically downloads and applies the pre-determined configuration from the corporate network.

      Additional Features

      WatchGuard Cloud Management

      • Streamlined network set-up
      • Easily defined network segments – separating VoIP systems or IoT devices from business-critical applications
      • VPN deployment with pre-configured policies
      • Live Status network visibility in WatchGuard Cloud to make timely, informed, and effective decisions about network and security configurations

      Network adaptation with SD-WAN

      • Adapt to changing conditions – optimize network performance and costs
      • Dynamic connection path selection with real-time monitoring of jitter, packet loss, and latency
      • Reduce the use of expensive MPLS or 4G/LTE and improve network resiliency without sacrificing security

      WatchGuard continues to develop new products and features to meet the network security needs of our customers. Please reach out to the WatchGuard team if you have any questions or want to deliver simplified security solutions.