WatchGuard Cyber Insurance

WatchGuard cyber insurance

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MFA is a must-have if you are looking to purchase cyber insurance

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Why are cyber insurers requiring multi-factor authentication?

Recent cybersecurity incidents and ransomware attacks have increased, driving companies to apply for cyber insurance. When doing so, companies have been facing one new pre-requisite to become eligible: multi-factor authentication protection of your users and assets.

WatchGuard cyber insurance MFA

Company View on Cyber Insurance

As remote access becomes a top priority, more companies are either already paying for cyber insurance or planning to buy it.

Does your organization currently have cyber insurance?



No, and we don't plan to


No, but we plan to


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Do you plan to buy cyber insurance in the next year?



No, we don't have plans to


No, we already have cyber insurance


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Protect these areas with MFA to qualify for cyber insurance

Pluse Email Access
Admin access to network infrastructure Admin access to network infrastructure
Remote/VPN access Remote/VPN access
Admin access to endpoints Admin access to endpoints

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Easy-to-operation authentication
  • Remote and VPN access protection
  • Optimized productivity with web single sign-on access
  • Threat- grounded authentication available
  • Low cost and adaptable to business needs
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