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      WatchGuard Total Security

      Complete Network Protection in a Single, Easy-to-Deploy Solution

      Total Security

      A stateful packet WatchGuard firewall, while essential, simply isn’t enough anymore. the truth is that each network needs a full arsenal of scanning engines to guard against spyware and viruses, malicious apps and data leakage – all the way through ransomware, botnets, advanced persistent threats, and zero day malware. a real network security solution will address all aspects of threat prevention, detection, correlation, and response – today, and as those threats evolve. WatchGuard’s award- winning network security platform not only provides the foremost complete suite of unified security controls on the market today, but has consistently been the primary to offer solutions for addressing new and evolving network threats including, but not limited to, advanced malware and ransomware.

      Total Visibility

      From the board room to the branch office, critical decisions about security often need to be made quickly before damage is done. Furthermore, you need to know what’s happening not just in the network, but on your devices inside and outside the firewall as well. Visibility is about more than data. Visibility is achieved when that data is converted into easily consumable, actionable information.

      The addition of the WatchGuard Host Sensor, available through Threat Detection and Response, provides continuous event monitoring, detection and remediation of threat activity on the endpoint. WatchGuard’s powerful network security visibility solutions – WatchGuard Cloud Visibility and Dimension – take the data from all devices across your network and presents that data in the form of visually stunning, immediately actionable information. Using either of these visibility solutions you can identify behavioral trends, pinpoint potential network threats, block inappropriate use, monitor network health and much more.

      Total Simplicity

      It’s more than almost security scanning engines, though. At WatchGuard, we believe simplicity is that the key to successful adoption of technology. As such, all of our products aren’t only easy to initially configure and deploy, they’re also designed with an emphasis on centralized management, making ongoing policy and network management simple and easy . Security is complex, managing it doesn’t need to be.

      Total Performance

      All businesses, no matter size, need to concentrate to performance. Slow security scanning times can cripple a network’s ability to handle high-volume traffic. Some companies are forced to decrease protection to stay performance strong, but WatchGuard solutions never make you choose from security and speed. Leveraging the power of multi-core processing, WatchGuard’s platform is engineered to deliver the fastest throughput when it matters – with all security controls turned on. Our platform can run all scanning engines simultaneously for max protection while still maintaining blazing fast throughput.

      Watchguard Security Services

      WatchGuard offers the most comprehensive portfolio of network security services, from traditional IPS, GAV, application control, spam blocking, and web filtering to more advanced services for protecting against advanced malware, ransomware, and the loss of sensitive data. WatchGuard also offers a full suite of network visibility and management services.

      Fundamental Security Services

      watchguard Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

      Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

      Uses continually updated signatures to scan traffic on all major protocols to provide real- time protection against network threats.

      watchguard Reputation Enabled Defense Service (RED)

      Reputation Enabled Defense Service (RED)

      Cloud-based reputation look- up service protects users from malicious sites and botnets, while dramatically improving web processing overhead.

      watchguard Network Discovery

      Network Discovery

      A subscription-based service that generates a visual map of all nodes on your network so you can easily see where you may be at risk.

      watchguard Webblocker URL Filtering

      Webblocker URL Filtering

      Automatically blocks known malicious sites, with granular content filtering tools to block inappropriate content and increase productivity.

      watchguard Application Control

      Application Control

      Allow, block, or restrict access to apps based on department, job function, time of day – then see in real time what’s being accessed and by whom.

      watchguard Gateway Antivirus(GAV)

      Gateway Antivirus(GAV)

      Continuously updated signatures identify and block known spyware, viruses, trojans, and more – includ- ing new variants of known viruses.

      watchguard Spam Blocker

      Spam Blocker

      Real-time spam detection… Our spamBlocker is so fast and effective, it can review up to 4 billion messages per day.

      A Unified Approach to Network Security

      Small And Midsize Business(SMBs) and Distributed Enterprises still fall victim to advanced threats that have serious impact on business operations and continuity no matter existing security deployments. No single security control, of subset of controls, is sufficient. The more stages of an attack you’re enabled to guard against, the more effective your overall defense is, even when new threats bypass one defense.

      With Total Security Suite, organizations of all sizes can enjoy enterprise-grade prevention, detection, correlation and response from the perimeter to the endpoint. ThreatSync, our Cloud-based threat correlation and scoring engine, collects network event data from several security services on the Firebox, including APT Blocker, Reputation Enabled Defense, Gateway AntiVirus and WebBlocker. this is often correlated with threat activity detected via the WatchGuard Host Sensor and enterprise-grade threat intelligence to supply a unified view of your environment, and assign a comprehensive score supported threat severity.

      Best of all, all of those security benefits are available through our extensive MSSP partner network via one simple offering with one SKU, one license, one appliance.

      watchguard Network Security

      Advanced Security Services

      watchguard Apt Blocker – Advanced Malware Protection

      Apt Blocker – Advanced Malware Protection

      Relies on an award-winning next-gen sandbox to detect and stop the most sophisticated attacks including ransom- ware and zero day threats

      watchguard Data Loss Prevention(DLP)

      Data Loss Prevention(DLP)

      Prevents accidental or malicious data loss by scanning text and common file types for sensitive information attempting to leave the network

      watchguard Access Portal

      Access Portal

      Provides central location for access to Cloud-hosted applications, and secure, clientless access to internal resources with RDP and SSH.

      watchguard Dimension Command

      Dimension Command

      IT pros gain access to a host of network control features including one-click configuration changes, with access to individual appli- ances through a web UI and VPN management tools.

      watchguard Threat Detection and Response

      Threat Detection and Response

      Correlate network and endpoint security events using threat intelligence to detect, prioritize and enable immedi- ate action to stop attacks.

      watchguard DNS WatchGO

      DNS Watch™

      Reduce malware infections by blocking malicious DNS requests, redirecting users to information to reinforce security best practices.

      watchguard IntelligentAV


      IntelligentAV is a signature-less anti- malware solution that relies on artifi- cial intelligence to automate malware discovery. Leveraging deep statistical analysis, it can classify current and future malware in more seconds.

      The Power of Visibility

      WatchGuard Cloud Visibility and WatchGuard Dimension (on-premises) are powerful network security visibility solutions that come standard with every WatchGuard network security platform. they supply a set of huge data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key network security threats, issues, and trends, accelerating the flexibility to line meaningful security policies across the network. Each includes over 100 dashboards and reports that enable you to quickly see high-level trends and anomalies then drill down into detailed information on each.

      WatchGuard Power of Visibility

      One Appliance, One Package, Total Security

      Simplicity is our mission at WatchGuard which mission extends beyond how the product is made to how it’s packaged. While all of our services are offered à la carte, we’ve worked to develop two packages that simplify the decision-making process. the entire and Basic Security Suite packages are available on our Firebox T and M Series appliances, also as our Firebox Cloud and FireboxV virtual models.

      The Basic Security Suite includes all of the normal network security services typical to a UTM appliance: IPS, GAV, URL filtering, application control, spam blocking and reputation It also includes our centralized management and network visibility capabilities, also as, our standard 24×7 support.

      The Total Security Suite includes all services offered with the basic Security Suite plus advanced malware protection, data loss protection, enhanced network visibility capabilities, a secure access portal, and also the ability to require action against threats right from Dimension, our network visibility

      Watchguard Total Security Suite