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      WatchGuard Resources To Aid With Remote Worker Security

      WatchGuard Resources to Aid with Remote Worker Security

      Are you looking for quick and effective ways to increase remote worker security?

      These steps can improve work continuity and cybersecurity.

      • Scrutinize your business’s plan to continue operations while employees are out of the office
      • Revise policies to communicate expectations for remote and mobile workers
      • Teach employees how to avoid falling victim to cybersecurity attacks while working from home
      • Implement multi-factor authentication using a mobile app
      • Expand VPN capacity as needed for more remote access demand
      • Help remote employees enable secure Wi-Fi networks

      WatchGuard Is Ready to Help You Work From Home!

      We are offering free and discounted services to assist companies protect their mobile workforce.

      WatchGuard Remote Worker Security

      DNS Filtering & Multi-Factor Authentication

      WatchGuard Passport may be a bundle of user-focused security services designed to dam phishing attempts, enforce web policy, protect tip , and authenticate people anywhere within the world.

      For a limited time, WatchGuard is offering the DNS filtering and multi-factor authentication components of Passport – DNSWatchGO and AuthPoint – free for 60 days for up to 250 users.

      WatchGuard Remote Worker Security

      Virtual Firewall and VPN

      Cloud-hosted firewalls can help to load-balance VPN traffic destined for your HQ and scale to accommodate the connections your company requires. to assist you get through the surge of VPN traffic, WatchGuard is offering FireboxV licenses free for 30 days. Three mobile VPN options are supported and available to accommodate your specific network security needs. for extra information view the FireboxV and COVID-19 licensing FAQ.

      To register for your free FireboxV license, please contact your WatchGuard Partner.

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