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      Authpoint Mobile App

      AuthPoint Mobile App

      Simple, Effective Authentication at Your Fingertips

      AuthPoint implements multi-factor authentication( MFA) using the AuthPoint app. Any external login attempt creates a secure push notification to the user’s smartphone – caching who and from where someone is trying to authenticate. When this communication is part of his/ her own login process, they simply accept and fast gain access to the authorized network coffers and Cloud apps. When not, also the authorization attempt is rejected, causing offenders to be blocked from gaining access – indeed when they’re using the correct credentials.

      Convenient and easy

      Convenient and easy

      No need to carry keyfobs or thumb drives; rather use the device that’s always at hand your smartphone. Download the AuthPoint app for free of charge from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play and activate it in seconds, also use it to authenticate from wherever you’re.

      The Power of Push

      MFA using Push or QR code is a superior approach over one-time passwords (OTPs), which may be captured before the legitimate owner has the chance to use it. Also, approving or rejecting a push authentication message is quick and easy, without needing to recall and enter a numeric code.

      The Power of Push
      QR code

      Offline? No Problem!

      In situations where the user has no data connection from the phone, like when on an airplane, then they will use an equivalent AuthPoint mobile app to authenticate. Just read the QR code presented on the computer screen, and only the user with the proper AuthPoint app can read it and access protected resources.

      Mobile Device DNA

      Mobile device DNA provides an extra identifying factor to make sure that only authorized users can log in to systems and applications. Any attacker attempting to gain access using a cloned phone or app would be issued a non-functional one-time password. then wouldn’t be allowed to continue.

      Effective MFA Protection with Mobile Device DNA
      Windows and MacOS Secure Login

      Windows and macOS Secure Login

      Windows and macOS machines generally give login with a simple username and password, which risks exposure of critical information if credentials are compromised. The Secure Login point adds another protection by having users authenticate through the AuthPoint app when logging on to their machines.

      Multi-Token Support

      WatchGuard’s AuthPoint app allows users to store another authenticator, allowing greater functionality and value from the single app and creating an incentive to comply with authentication practices.

      Multi-Token Support

      Quick Facts

      Available in 11 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese(simplified and traditional)

      The app is free to download from the Apple AppStore or Google Play

      81% of all attacks take advantage of insecure password(Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report)

      Store additional authenticators, like for Google Authenticator, Facebook access, Dropbox, and more