Actionable Insight Through Correlation

From distributed enterprises with 10 branch offices to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with employees working outside of the network, it may be a struggle to manage security consistently and cohesively across your organization. it's critical for SMBs and distributed enterprise organizations to not only have visibility into both their network and endpoint event data, but to be ready to quickly and efficiently leverage actionable insight to remove threats. ThreatSync, a critical component of TDR, collects event data from the WatchGuard Firebox, Host Sensor and enterprise-grade threat intelligence feeds, analyzes this data using a proprietary algorithm, and assigns a comprehensive threat score and rank. This powerful correlation engine enables cloud-based threat prioritization to empower IT team to quickly and confidently reply to threats.

Watchguard ThreatSync

Key Features

Collects and correlates threat event data from the Firebox and Host Sensor

Analyzes this data against enterprise-grade threat intelligence feeds

Generates a comprehensive score and prioritization supported threat severity

Watchguard Firewall APT Blocker

Start with the Network

Your network is a critical line of defense within the battle against malware. Oceans of information may be collected here from bandwidth to unusual traffic patterns to botnet detection. But knowing what’s happening on your network without checking in on the endpoint is like a doctor making a diagnosis supported one symptom. TDR collects a range of event data from the WatchGuard Firebox, including events from other Total Security Services like WebBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, spamBlocker and APT Blocker, and compares that information with data collected from the endpoint.

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Monitor Your Endpoints

Endpoint devices are often your weakest attack vector, especially when these devices often fall outside of the confides of your network security solutions. Remote employees, branch offices, or simply that guy down the hall that changes the screen when someone walks by – all of those can leave you at risk of a wide-spread attack. Knowing what's happening on your endpoints and comparing it to actions on the network make sure that you stop these attacks before they need time to infect your entire organization.

Watchguard Firewall ThreatSync
Watchguard Firewall ThreatSync

Leverage Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence has long been something only enterprise organizations could afford. These continuously updated and reviewed lists contain a treasure trove of data on the most recently created signatures, ensuring that your organization isn’t following victim of some hacker’s clever new attack. ThreatSync utilizes multiple enterprise-grade threat intelligence feeds and extends their benefits, not the price, to our customers.

Email Alerts & Notifications

ThreatSync includes email alerts and notifications to let you know when a threat indicator or incident has been detected, as well as if the threat has been remediated from the network or endpoint. Notifications are configurable to ensure that you receive the alerts you want when you want them.

Watchguard Firewall ThreatSync
Watchguard Firewall ThreatSync

Correlation Is King

We’ve lived in the world of disparate security solutions for much too long. It’s time to interrupt down the walls between the network and also the endpoint, and produce them together to supply actionable insight that organizations can actually use. Correlation is arguably the most important component of a layered security strategy. ThreatSync not only brings together the network, endpoint and threat intelligence feeds, but does it during a way that SMBs and distributed enterprise organizations can actually benefit from. Through comprehensive threat scoring and prioritization know which threats need your attention now, and which ones can wait.

Automate Remediation

Automated response capabilities make even the smallest IT teams simpler and more efficient. Threat Detection and Response makes it easy to set up remediation policies supported threat severity for individuals, groups of devices, or the entire organization. during a few steps, automate remediation for the most severe threats and release resources for other needs.

Watchguard Firewall ThreatSync
Watchguard Firewall Total Security

Total Security

So how many licenses does one got to get all of the advantages described above? That’s the most effective part. With WatchGuard Total Security Suite, you'll benefit from advanced network security, robust endpoint visibility, enterprise-grade threat intelligence and industry-leading correlation with one appliance, one license and one SKU.

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Award-Winning Security and Visibility Platform

WatchGuard’s Security Services

All of WatchGuard’s Security Services are delivered as an integrated solution within an easy-to-manage and cost-effective Firebox appliance. It’s in WatchGuard’s DNA to deliver advanced IT security technologies for little to midsize organizations and distributed enterprises. We take these enterprise-grade technologies and make them easy to deploy and simple to manage. You face a similar threats as enterprise organizations, shouldn’t you've got a similar level of security?

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