Intrusion Prevention Service

Shield Your Network from Malicious Traffic

Online attacks and malware continue to evolve, using sophisticated methods to exploit victims. WatchGuard Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) provides a preemptive approach to network security that adds an essential layer of threat detection and prevention. IPS protects your network from a wide range of malicious activities, including SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows.

Key Features

Examines network behavior to associate and block malicious traffic

Automatic signature updates are applied without interruption

Signature database delivers protection from over 2,000 threats

Offers full scan and quick options to satisfy your performance requirements

Set instant notifications for when IPS detects threats

Seamlessly integrates with WatchGuard Dimension for complete visibility

watchguard intrusion prevention configuration

Instantly Detect and Prevent Vulnerability Exploits

Exploits happen in near real time. that's why WatchGuard’s IPS has been designed to instantly and proactively identify and defend against suspicious network traffic using high-performance, deep-packet inspection across all ports and protocols. IPS provides around-the-clock defense against malicious activity that's designed to compromise and damage your organization. If an IP address is identified because the source of an attack, it can be automatically blocked to stop further threats from attempting to enter your network.

Stay Ahead of the Evolving Threat Landscape

sure you're staying before the evolving threat landscape, IPS constantly looks for brand new signatures every hour and applies automatic updates to the signature database, protecting your network from the newest threats while avoiding labor-intensive upkeep. Each signature update is additionally made without interruption to the safety service – so you never leave your network exposed.

Intrusion Prevention Service
Full-Featured Threat Prevention

Full-Featured Threat Prevention

Customizable settings enable you to quickly select full scan or quick scan options based on performance and threat detection requirements. You can also choose to allow (log only), block, or drop questionable traffic based on type, user, group, protocol, and severity, as well as set alarms for when IPS detects threats.

Intuitive Management Console

Manage IPS alongside your other WatchGuard Security Services using an easy-to-use management console that gives you complete control and visibility into suspicious network traffic before it impacts your business.

Intuitive Management Console

How It Works

IPS examines traffic at the lowest level to identify known threats by matching traffic patterns to a comprehensive and continuously updated signature database. If a threat is identified, the Firebox takes action supported set policies to either block or notify the administrator.

Intrusion Prevention Service