Malware Defense Powered by Artificial Intelligence

IntelligentAV leverages a machine-learning engine to better defend against continuously evolving zero day malware. While signature-based AV solutions are only able to detect known threats, IntelligentAV makes it possible to predict threats months before they are released, providing powerful predictive protection previously unavailable to small and midsize businesses.

Key Features

Predictive protection against evolving malware.

No reliance on signatures or Cloud connectivity.

Automated classification of files as malicious or safe, with results delivered in fractions of a second.

Innovative machine-learning engine with a demonstrated Predictive Advantage of quite two years.

Another industry-leading layer of malware detection on the Firebox.

Stops malware at the very point where your network touches the net.

WatchGuard IntelligentAV

Predictive Protection

IntelligentAV features a powerful machine-learning engine that gives protection against evolving malware, with industry tests demonstrating a Predictive Advantage of more than two years. IntelligentAV is trained to identify threats by breaking down many files into their fundamental building blocks, then examine the many characteristics in each file for indicators of malicious intent. internet result's a series of statistical algorithms which will classify any file against the statistical fingerprint of malicious/benign files to work out whether a file is safe to run before it's executed. This process is automated to deliver results within fractions of seconds, and is completed in real time.

Block Threats Without Relying on Signatures

Modern malware mutates at a fantastic rate and might change hour by hour, rendering human-produced signature-based detection obsolete. IntelligentAV defeats malware attempting to enter your network by using tested mathematical models that need no Cloud connectivity, signatures, or behavioral analysis, keeping you safe even in environments where access to regular signature database updates is difficult.

WatchGuard IntelligentAV
WatchGuard IntelligentAV

Most Comprehensive Layered Malware Detection in the Industry

As a part of the WatchGuard Total Security Suite, IntelligentAV is available on latest generation M Series appliances, also as Firebox Cloud and FireboxV, and joins ThreatSync, Gateway AntiVirus, and APT Blocker to provide the most comprehensive layered malware detection within the industry.

How It Works

IntelligentAV is trained to identify threats by breaking down many files into their fundamental building blocks, then examining many characteristics of each file in combination to identify indicators of malicious intent. If malware is identified, the file is blocked before it can execute.

WatchGuard IntelligentAV

Award-Winning Security and Visibility Platform

Watchguard Security and Visibility Platform

All of WatchGuard’s Security Services are delivered as an integrated solution within an easy-to-manage and cost-effective Firebox appliance. It’s in WatchGuard’s DNA to deliver advanced IT security technologies for little to midsize organizations and distributed enterprises. We take these enterprise-grade technologies and make them easy to deploy and simple to manage. You face a similar threats as enterprise organizations, shouldn’t you've got a similar level of security?

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