Gateway AntiVirus

Block Malware Attacks at the Gateway

Keeping your network free of malware is more difficult than ever before as an increasing number of latest and ever-changing threats are emerging every day . Ensure your network and devices remain free of malware with WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus. It uses advanced, multi-layered threat detection engines to identify and block malware at the network gateway. Using industry-leading, high-performance scanning of traffic on all major protocols, WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus provides real-time protection against known viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and rogueware.

Key Features

Scans all major protocols to stop malware

Runs both signature-based and behavioral-based scanning

Continuously updates signature database to include the newest threats

Powered by the best-in-class Bitdefender scanning engine

Detection engine supplemented by machine-learning models

Optimized for industry-leading network performance

Gateway antivirus vs endpoint antivirus

Safeguard Your Network

WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus provides network-wide protection for all users. It works in tandem with the appliance layer content inspection of Firebox appliances to guard against known malware. WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus scans traffic on all major protocols, including HTTP, Explicit HTTP, FTP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, IMAP and POP3. Email traffic is scanned at the gateway to prevent threats before they gain access to your servers. Safer web browsing is enabled by preventing the download and execution of malicious code.

Highly Effective Scanning

Incorporating the award-winning Bitdefender scanning engine, WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus uses both signature techniques, also as dynamic heuristic analysis with code emulation, to catch polymorphic viruses and malicious code that signatures can’t catch. Compressed and encoded files are decompressed for thorough analysis with wide support for various compression types. Signatures are continuously updated, ensuring timely and proactive protection against emerging threats.

WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus Setup
watchguard Gateway AntiVirus

Flexible Management Console

From an intuitive and flexible management console, you can choose which file types to scan and the action taken when malware is detected, including allow, drop, block, or quarantine emails based on type, user, and protocol. You also have the power to choose the action taken when a file cannot be scanned, including password-protected files.

Real-time Visibility and Reporting

WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus seamlessly integrates with WatchGuard Dimension for complete visibility into the highest blocked malware (malware name, type, and number of hits) also as the source and destination of the attack. you also have instant views with dashboards and charts that show the entire number of files scanned and number of viruses detected over a group period of your time.

Gateway antivirus technologies
watchguard Gateway AntiVirus

Enhanced Detection Through Machine Learning

WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus leverages machine-learning models to help within the detection of known, unknown and evasive malware types. Multiple machine-learning algorithms are used in tandem to assist in accuracy and reduce false positives.

How It Works

WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus scans files and traffic flowing through the Firebox to identify known malware and riskware.If a threat is identified based on signature matching, the connection is blocked or the file is stripped.

WatchGuard Gateway Antivirus