Access Portal

Centralized Access to Cloud-Hosted Applications and Internal Resources

Access Portal supports single sign-on (SSO) deployments for centralized access to Cloud-hosted applications, and internal resources via RDP and SSH. SAML support provides convenient integration with SSO and AuthPoint (or other MFA providers) and every one authentication options supported by the Firebox are available, including Active Directory, Radius, Firebox-DB.

Key Features

SAML support for integration with SSO and AuthPoint (or other MFA providers)

Clientless remote access via HTML5

Traffic protected by TLS encryption

WatchGuard Access Portal URL

Clientless Deployment

Leveraging the built-in encryption and digital certificates of web browsers, Access Portal enables IT admins to make secure, remote-access VPN tunnels without requiring additional hardware or software.

Network Infrastructure Protection

Access Portal uses an application-layer proxy design that acts as a secure buffer between incoming user requests on the public Internet and back-end application servers to protect network infrastructure.

WatchGuard Access Portal License

How It Works

The WatchGuard Access Portal offers secure remote access to virtual machines through the remote desktop protocol (RDP) and SSH sessions within HTML5. Session traffic is protected by TLS encryption, and Access Portal will be configured to support multi-factor authentication (MFA) from AuthPoint or other third-party MFA providers.

WatchGuard Access Portal setup