Zero-Touch Deployment and Configuration for Your Firebox

Whether you're deploying security at multiple locations as a customer or offering SD-WAN as a managed Security Service provider (MSSP), you'll skip sending your network administrators onsite for configuration. WatchGuard RapidDeploy makes it possible to eliminate much of the labor involved in setting up a Firebox to work for your network – all without having to go away your office. RapidDeploy may be a powerful, Cloud-based deployment and configuration tool that comes standard with WatchGuard Firebox appliances. Local staff simply connect the device for power and also the Internet, and also the rest will be taken care of remotely from any location.

Quick and Simple Deployment

RapidDeploy provides three simple methods for remotely deploying configurations to WatchGuard Firebox appliances.

RapidDeploy Quick Start

Use RapidDeploy Quick Start to automatically create configuration files with WatchGuard’s recommended policies and settings.

Upload a RapidDeploy configuration file to the website

Remotely configure a single Firebox by uploading a RapidDeploy configuration file to the WatchGuard website.

RapidDeploy from the Management Server

Configure one or more Firebox appliances at one time by using RapidDeploy from your Management Server.