Firebox Rackmount Appliances

M Series: Blazing Fast Speed for Growing Businesses

Watchguard Firebox M270 & M370

Firebox M270 & M370

Best-in-class UTM performance, ideal for tiny and midsize organizations with up to 150 users trying to find a rack-mounted solution.

Watchguard Firebox M270 & M370 Watchguard Firebox M270 & M370
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Watchguard Firebox M470, M570 & M670

Firebox M470, M570 & M670

Supports growing midsize businesses with modular port options for greater flexibility as networking needs expand. Ideal for up to 850 users.

Watchguard Firebox M470, M570 & M670 Watchguard Firebox M470, M570 & M670
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Watchguard Firebox M4600 & M5600

Firebox M4600 & M5600

Top of the line, with modular port options that allow businesses to make their ideal M4600 or M5600 deployment, and dual-redundant power supplies for highest performance and uptime. These appliances are ideal for the central headquarters location of a large distributed enterprise organization, offering optimal flexibility to evolve the appliance over time.

Watchguard Firebox M4600 & M5600 Watchguard Firebox M4600 & M5600
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