As part of our Professional Services to our clients, we offer organizations with comprehensive network firewall migration services. We have the experience, expertise, technology and team to migrate firewalls from different vendors and across different technologies.

The lifetime of firewall technology is primarily dictated by the growth of your organization, which in turn is a factor of the growing security concerns of the establishment as well as the enhanced security feature demands. It is also dependent on the firewall’s throughput performance and the support from the firewall technology vendors.

While taking all these factors into consideration, a typical firewall is expected to have a lifecycle of between 5 and 7 years. It implies that as an organization, it is imperative to change the firewall at least once in five years, failure to which, you may compromise the safety and security of your entire network.

We have extensive experience implementing firewalls in SMB, Enterprise and service provider environments. We can migrate your existing legacy firewall solution to a modern high performance NGFW or a UTM/multi-function firewall with DLP, IPS, Web-filtering, VPN and more – both virtual or on-premise.

The approach we adopt for firewall migration is based on a proven and tested firewall migration framework as well as methodologies that are driven by regulatory compliance and industry’s best practices. The approach we adopt includes key migration milestones. They are:

  • Auditing and Analyzing
  • Migrating the Configurations and Validating
  • Cutting over from the previous installation
  • Monitoring the new configuration for safety and performance.

Having worked in the IT security industry for decades, we have conducted lots of firewall migrations for a plethora of organizations hence we have what it takes to ensure a successful firewall migration for your organization.