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White Papers

SSL VPN Grows Up: Time to Demand More from Your Next SSL VPN
Years ago, businesses started turning to SSL VPNs to reduce the cost and complexity of remote access. Business needs have evolved and today’s workforce is more mobile and demanding than ever. IT departments must now find more efficient, effective ways to satisfy connectivity needs without compromising security or compliancy.As organisations move to master today’s mobility challenges, it’s time to dissolve misconceptions and demand more from SSL VPN.
WatchGuard Extensible Threat Management: An Overview of XTM
Unified threat management (UTM) spawned a new era of IT security. However, changing market trends and new technologies demand more of today’s UTM. Hence the need for eXtensible threat management (XTM), the next generation of UTM – more security, greater networking capabilities and more management flexibility.This paper provides an overview of these issues and the WatchGuard® Technologies perspective on “extensibility” and XTM.
The Integrated Security Appliance: The Best Solution for Small to Medium-size Enterprises
Small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) need the same network security as larger enterprises, but often must deal with restricted budgets and limited resources. The remedy is the new integrated security appliance, which combines strong protection with common sense management, ease-of-use, and expandability at an affordable price for lower TCO. Find out why the integrated security appliance is the best solution for the SME business owner.

A Practical Guide for Better Security
Network security is as much about business advantage as it is about deterring threats. This guide contains an outline for a security plan that addresses your critical business concerns – customer confidence, data integrity, increased productivity and cost savings – and tells you how to start making security a business advantage by thoroughly targeting security vulnerabilities at their source: the people and their processes.

Producing Your Network Security Policy
This paper lays out a common-sense approach to writing corporate security policies that makes them easier to draft, maintain, and enforce. Our “question and answer” approach requires no outside consultants. Instead, you can use your in-house knowledge and resources to yield a brief, usable, and – most importantly – understandable policy document, in a reasonable amount of time.

Defending the Remote Office: Which VPN Technology is Best?
Small- to mid-size companies typically don’t have the resources for enterprise-grade network security, which makes their networks especially vulnerable to attack. Unprotected remote offices and telecommuter workstations only increase the risk. This paper presents three virtual private network (VPN) models for connecting remote sites to the main office network, including typical strengths and weaknesses for each.
West Coast Labs Review of
Firebox® X Family of UTM Solutions from WatchGuard®West Coast Labs performed a comprehensive range of rigorous real-world tests based on the test specifications and methodologies detailed in Appendix D of this document which were developed and designed to thoroughly evaluate the protection capabilities of two WatchGuard Firebox devices; the Core (x1250e) and the Edge (x20e).Throughout the entire test process – spanning several weeks of continuous duration – both gateway devices proved consistently successful at preventing any breach of the protected internal network, from multiple external threats and attack vectors.

As a consequence of achieving the demanding technical standards required by the West Coast Labs’ certification program, both devices were duly awarded the Checkmark in Firewall, VPN, IPS, Anti-Spam, and URL Filtering.

WatchGuard QMS White Paper
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WatchGuard XTM White Paper

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